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For Covid-19 diagnostics the PCR test (smear) is used. Covid-19 test fee in Latvia - 37 Euros.

The tests will be done in a certified laboratory.

Testing points will be available in both Riga and Liepaja.

If the test is done in Riga - the result will be available in about 6-8h, in Liepaja - in 6h-24h.

The cost of the test must be paid by each person on-site in the laboratory.

The participant of Rally Liepāja agrees that the test results will be communicated to the rally medical staff.


If arriving from "red or yellow list" countries

In case you travel from or transit a country with cumulative indicator above 75 and you are required to quarantine for 10 days based on the Latvian regulations HERE.

In this case, the rally organiser will coordinate the testing in Latvia to arrange tests that must be performed 24 hours after arrival in Latvia.

Until a negative result is received, the person must remain in a self-isolation!


If symptoms appear during the rally

If during the rally and while in Latvia, you feel any of these symptoms, immediately contact the rally medical staff by phone: TBA or visit the rally medical center, which will be located in the Service park in Liepaja:

•   fever;

•   fatigue;

•   dry cough;

•   loss of taste and / or smell.

•   shortness of breath (possible tightness of the chest);

•   sore throat, sore throat.