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Accreditation process (including LRC crews from Latvia):

•  competitor fills in the application for the rally;

•  after confirmation of participation, link to two forms will be sent to the team manager / competitor:

ATTENDEE LIST, where information must be filled by the team manager. The form includes questions about each team member who will attend the rally (including crew, team management, technical staff, etc.). The form must be submitted to the organiser by 22.06.2021. The form must include Team’s Covid-19 delegate. Link to the form will be sent to team manager;

INDIVIDUAL FORM, to be filled by each attendee captured on the Attendee list and must be submitted online before 22.06.2021. On arrival after received a negative Covid-19 test the form will have to be signed before accreditation card can be issued.

• if the forms are not filled by every attendee, the rally organiser may not grant rally accreditation (passes) to the specific crew;

• all attendees must have a negative Covid-19 test (PCR) result no older than 96 hours before entering the venue;

• those that cannot present valid EU Digital Covid Certificate for Vaccination or Recovery and are traveling from red or yellow country, traveling through red or yellow country or have visited red or yellow country in last 14 days before arrival to Latvia must have a negative Covid-19 PCR test no older than 72 hours before entering Latvia, another PCR test no later than 24 hours after arriving to Latvia and is staying more than 7 days then 3rd test before then. Those without the certificate and traveling from the GREEN country still must have a -72 hour test before crossing the border, but if you arrange travel plans accordingly the same test result may suit for High Density accreditation.


Before travelling to Latvia covidpass ( should be filled for all travellers.


The organizers of Rally Liepāja asks you to be respectful – safety – always first!

In case of questions, please contact Rally Liepāja organiser RA Events – e-mail