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Rally Liepāja open for public, spectators must have valid EU Digital Covid Certificate


Round 2 of the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship is set to run with spectators along the special stages. As per current legislation in Latvia, Rally Liepāja is open only to spectators that are able to present valid EU digital Covid certificate, thus validating a fact of full vaccination cycle or recovery from Covid-19 in the past 180 days.

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“I kindly ask all the spectators to find time and get acquainted with our ticket rules, terms, and conditions. Also take your time to read respective travel conditions, as those may vary from where and how you arrive. We are all still in the middle of the Covid-19 and should respect restrictions enforced, but the good thing – spectators are allowed.

Please, be respectful at the Ticket exchange points as the usual checks will take longer, as validity of Covid-19 certificate and ID will have to be checked. While it will take some extra time, these checks are made to ensure the safety of all of us. And more importantly, once all the checks are passed, spectators at the stages will be able to somewhat travel back in time – there will not be a 2-meter distancing requirement, as well as face-masks will not be mandatory.

But bear in mind that rally is a complex event – and while spectators have one set of rules, another set of rules will be in force for largest part of rally personnel. As per regulations of the FIA, there will be zones and areas where both distancing, and face masks will be required, even outside. At times these rules are even stricter than those set-out by national regulations. And as that, organising this event poses a lot of challenges not only to spectators, but to organisers and competitors as well,” says Raimonds Strokšs, director of RA Events.

We remind that running of Rally Liepāja special stages in Talsi region are scheduled for Friday, July 2, while concluding special stages on Saturday, July 3, will take place around Liepāja. All spectators should bear that a mandatory visit to Ticket exchange point is required before heading to special stages. Only at the Ticket exchange point all the required checks will be carried, including those of scanning personalized ticket, validating a Covid-19 certificate, and checking of ID. Only when all the checks will be passed, spectator will be given a wristband to access special stages. Without the wristband special stage access will not possible, as well as no wristbands will be distributed at the special stage entrance, nor any tickets will be sold there.


Ticket prices

There are two types of tickets available for the 2021 edition of Rally Liepāja – one-day pass (to attend special stages around Talsi or Liepāja), and two-day pass for all the stages of the rally. We would like to remind that one-stage passes will not be available.

During the first days of sale, tickets will be available at a reduced price – 15,00 euros for one-day pass, and 20,00 euros for two-day pass. However, during rally week, starting June 28, one-day ticket price will be 20,00 euros, while two-day pass for all the stages will be available at 30,00 euros.


Rally Liepāja tickets, till June 27

One-day ticket - 15,- euros

Two-day ticket - 20,- euros

Rally Liepāja tickets, from June 28

One-day ticket - 20,- euros

Two-day ticket - 30,- euros


Tickets available at Biļešu Paradīze points of sale as well as online


Entrance free of charge is envisioned for children under 12 years of age and disable persons. While these persons have free-of-charge access, it does not free them from passing Covid-19 checks. Valid certificate (proving full cycle of vaccination, or recovery from Covid-19 in the past 180 days) and ID will have to be presented at a Ticket exchange point before receiving wristband, and heading to special stages.

Moreover, following the same Covid-19 procedure, retirees will be given an opportunity to acquire tickets at a reduced price (10,00 euros for one-day pass, and 15,00 euros for two-day pass).




12.00     SS 1      SC Grupa/Eurovia / (27,00km)

12.40     SS 2      TALSI LOOKOUT / (25,94km)

13:45     SS 3      Talsi 1 / (1,50km)

13.58     SS 4      Talsi 2 / (1,50km)

15.40     SS 5      SIXT Rent a car / (17,80km)

16.35     SS 6      Ramirent / (17,36km)


09:00     SS 5      Neste 1 / (18,42km)

09:55     SS 6      Invest in Liepaja! / (12,01km)

10:45     SS 7      Liepāja 1 / (16,07km)

13:50     SS 8      Neste 2 / (18,42km)

14:50     SS 9      Canon Biznesa centrs Liepāja / (9,93 km)

15:25     SS 10    Liepāja 2 / (16,07km)


FIA European Rally Championship event Rally Liepāja is possible thanks to the support provided by the Latvian Government, rally city of Liepāja, as well as Talsi region. We would like to thank our sponsors Neste, Ramirent, and SC Grupa/Eurovia, as well as supporters Blue Shock Race, Canon Business Center Liepāja, Fristads, Liepāja Olympic Center, Liepaja Special Economic Zone, and Sixt. Media support is provided by news media DELFI and media partners Kurzemes Radio, Sporta Avīze, and Talsu Vēstis. The rally would also not be possible without help by Rally Liepāja friends: Flora, FN Serviss, Jānis Pūce, Kokmuiža Celmlauzis, Lofbergs, MB Grupa, Red Bull, SignTech, and Törley. Rally Liepāja is organized with the support of Aizpute, Durbe, Grobiņa, and Priekule region councils. A special thanks goes to the Latvian Automobile Federation.